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 My Poems

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PostSubject: My Poems   Fri 7 Aug - 0:06

Here are all my--mostly short, not very good, strange--poems I've written.

Amy Rater Poem

All of us have had one at least once in our lives
And almost all of us have had family problems
But in the end, families are usually there no matter what
Through fights, illness, injury, and emotional troubles
There will be a time when you can sit down
And reflect how much your mom,
Dad, brothers and sisters mean to you.
When you go off to college,
Or on a trip of some sort
They want to know how you are
Even if youíre 1,000 miles apart.
Love your family, because they will always love you.

For Amy Rater
From Stallion

Dead on the Inside

The fire burns but I feel no pain
I make a mistake and I feel no shame
I can only remember few times Iíve cried
For I have become dead on the inside

How Does One Learn To Die?

How does one learn to die?
Is it by learning to live?
Or is it by watching the deaths of others?

How does one die?
Do they die quietly?
At their own hands?
Screaming into the never-ending night?

Those worthy of a life to live die
In two different ways
They either fight for their last moments
Or they give up knowing itís time

They die not happy, but at peace with life
And the others that were in it
They die with confidence that the ones
They loved will continue on without
Regret or sorrow to prevent life

How does one learn to die?
They do not, only take part in it
How does one die?
Fighting from it or letting it take them
When is one worthy of the peace death brings?
When theyíve lived a life of worth

Inner Devil

Raise me up or cast me down
It all means nothing to me
Just take a look all around
The terror should make you flee

Iíve destroyed it all in attempt to rebuild
All caught up were quickly killed
Donít dare doubt my rage, anger, power
If done your soul I will devour

I live within all and cannot be slain
Though many have tried weakly
I feed on agony and pain, their attempts in vain
Nothing can stop me for I am uniquely made

Not born of blood and flesh like most
But of hatred and rage, I like to boast
Should you come willing or be forced
It is your blood Iíll be spilling without remorse

My Poison

"This poison will work slowly through your system. It only takes a drop to kill; you've gotten an ounce. At first you will feel fine, better than normal in fact. But then the venom will start to dissolve everything it comes in contact with. Eating you from the inside out. Fever will consume you, you will begin bleeding from every opening, and you will probably cough part of your lungs up. Vomiting and diarrhea. You won't be able to move because of the pain. You'll beg for someone to kill you just to get away from the absolute misery. And then, when you think it'll never end, your wish will be granted as the poison dissolves your heart. How does it feel to know you only have a month to live? If you could call it that."

Spiraling Down

My life is slowly but surely spiraling downward.
If I were to let go, who would care?
Nobody cares, nobody tries, there's too many lies
But I have hope, as I continue to dream
For dreams keep me alive, so I continue to strive
For a greater reason to stay
For now myself I will not slay
As we do the animals from then to today

The Night

As the sun sets I feel more alive.
As the moon rises the nightlife thrives.
The nocturnals come out,
And I'm careful not to shout.
But the urge to howl
Comes with the hoot of an owl.

So I step outside into the light,
I don't care what you think; I know that it's right.
I release the tension with one loud song,
And all of my worries are soon gone.

Letting it fade I breathe in again,
I've forgotten all of my life's bane.
To my surprise I hear another,
I recognize it as my brother.

His eyes are yellow, his teeth white,
He can be vicious, but I'll be alright.
On padded paws he steps out of the dark,
And utters but one simple bark.

I follow the wolf away from my house,
The cool breeze ruffling my blouse.
Forever I'll roam with my mother's creations,
Forever forgotten are my old relations.

The World Will End in Fire

The world will end in fire
This I know, for I have sought higher
I have searched my soul and those around me
For the answer that my heart seeks

Not in flames that lick and burn
But of the spirit that has long yearned
A place to sleep without fear
Knowing your loved ones are near

Not for you or I or they
But for them who suffer everyday
Not our species whoís destroyed it all
But the rest who are stuck in the brawl

The fire in their hearts sets us ablaze
Together they will stop our evil ways
Their leader is strong and cannot be touched
She will guide them to victory, driven as such

The ice of hatred is a powerful thing
But it is the fire of rage that makes us sing
Weíll take back our land, our homes, our food
With one foul swipe we will end the feud

This I know as I have searched
Asked the fish, or bird that perched
All said the same when I inquired
That the world of man would end in fire

You Lift Me Up

I was shattered when you found me
My life a polished rock rolliní down a marble hill
I had given up on almost everything
Until you opened my cage and set me free

You lift me up
You shove me down
You throw me above the clouds
And you tie me to the ground

I never thought that this could happen to me
That I could feel like this for anyone
Iíve never reached out for another
But if I needed you, I know youíd come

I tried my hardest to deny you
To say it was impossible
But you stuck around no matter what
It was like you had no clue what else to do

You lift me up
You shove me down
You throw me above the clouds
And you tie me to the ground

I never thought that this could happen to me
That I could feel like this for anyone
Iíve never reached out for another
But if I needed you, I know youíd come

You are stability in my whirlpool
My sunshine in the gloom
You are the warmth within my icy veins
You are the flavor to my gruel

You lift me up
You shove me down
You throw me above the clouds
And you tie me to the ground

I never thought that this could happen to me
That I could feel like this for anyone
Iíve never reached out for another
But if I needed you, I know youíd come

When Iíd lost all but my blackened soul
You brought me something new
You showed me how to love someone
And made me feel like I am whole

You lift me up
You shove me down
You throw me above the clouds
And you tie me to the ground

I never thought that this could happen to me
That I could feel like this for anyone
Iíve never reached out for another
But if I needed you, I know youíd come

Bring Forth the Dragon

Hex na colorth. Melaki norku obsten. Nortula exporat enclu, furnista wingata devibla! Bring forth the dragon Ďtwas born in Hell. Wreaking havoc from near to far, casting its fiery spell. With wings of leather and claws of steal, donít close your eyes, all this is real. He flies through buildings, burns down homes. The only thing heíll leave is tombs. Donít try to stop him, you never will. For this dragon is invincible! Hex na colorth. Melaki norku obsten. Nortula exporat enclu, furnista wingata devibla!

Gift Poem

By the light of day
From Iíve run away
Iíve seen many a strange sight

From the ravaged and dead
To the newly wed
None of it has made me take flight

But here comes along
A woman singing a song
And promising a great gift for free

Some think it wrong
Or she doesnít belong
But I, for one, disagree

The woman comes up and speaks
Asking if her gift is what I seek
I take a look and a smile appears

She offers something Iíve been looking for
But could not find from shore to shore
I accept the gift and will cherish it for years

I Stand Alone

One by one they fall
In a world thatís slowly dying
Until Iím all thatís left
And I stand alone

Monkey in a Tree

I saw a monkey in a tree. He looked down and spoke to me. He said "Would you like to go for a walk?" I turned around and screamed "That monkey can talk!" I saw him days later with another monkey in a tree. This time he did not notice me. He asked the monkey "Would you like to go for a walk?" The other monkey replied "That monkey can talk!"

New Friends

She sits alone away from the others.
I am alone, I like being that way.
But something says I should at least say "hi"
So I go over to the lonely girl and sit next to her.
I smile and say "I hope I'm not a bother
But how have you been today?
You're sitting alone, are you shy?
Want to be my friend?" She says "Sure."
That was two months ago
We are now best friends
Friendships start out slow
But they can last until the end.

The End of Humanity

Oceans will burn
And mountains will fall
The end of humanity
The end of it all!

Buildings will break
And towers will crumble
So look out world
Weíre about to rumble

Hearts will break
Tears will fall
Get ready now
The end of it all!

The Wind and Weather

The wind and weather comes around
But it will never break me down
Through wind and rain and storms and floods
The only thing Iíll spill is blood!

What I Can Handle

Can you handle Death breathing down your neck? The feeling that everyday you might not make it? Can you handle the feeling that something inside you is gnawing at your nervous system, scratching at your heart, and biting at your very soul? The fact that you have to hold it back with your very being so as not to destroy what you love the most? Can you handle trying to keep that in its cage? Could you handle being me? Can you? I can, barely, but I can. So donít tell me what I can and canít handle.

All right, a lot, and I haven't changed anything from how they've been written since any recent changes (confusing?). I'd like to make a few notes about each. Also, they are in no way in order of when I wrote them.

Amy Rater Poem: As stated, it's for a friend from me on another site, hence the different name at the bottom. She was feeling down, so I decided I'd try something to help her out as I'm not the best artist. I don't really believe what I wrote (you wouldn't either if you had my relatives), but it sounds okay to me.
Dead on the Inside: Not much to say other than the feeling still thrives today, although my depression has pretty much hit the curb...mostly.
How Does One Learn to Die?: I can't remember what prompted this, but it was probably just me sitting there and stewing on various things about the human species. I strongly believe in every word written.
Inner Devil: Again, can't remember. This was, in my opinion, a failed attempt at a great piece of work.
My Poison: This is actually dialogue for a story-turned-book I'm writing.
Spiraling Down: I don't recall why I wrote this, as in the specific reason, but I do remember writing it on a site I was banned from after three loyal years over a stupid reason. Eh, it's for 8-year-olds anyway.
The Night: My mom wanted me to test if her boss's computer was receiving emails correctly and asked me to write something. This is the first thing I came up with.
The World Will End in Fire: This came about after reading Robert Frost's poem Fire and Ice.
You Lift Me Up: *coughs* Uh, this was a very poorly executed attempt at a song, which are impossible for me to write.
Bring Forth the Dragon: All the words, except for hex, are my own, though only Hex, Furnista, Wingata, and Devibla mean anything (Spell, Fire breathing, Winged, Devil) definite. Although it mentions a drake, the dragon in mind is actually based on a...female dragon, whatever the proper term is, that is also in my story-turned-book.
Gift Poem: This was for another site to try and win a prize (a gift if you will), although she'd wanted an essay. The person still loved it, though.
I Stand Alone: Yes, I realize that there is a song with the same title, although I found that out after I wrote and named this. I guess I was just feeling down or something.
Monkey in a Tree: Something random, and I do know that the style isn't grammatically correct.
New Friends: I think this was also for a contest...
The End of Humanity: I was in one of my moods. My mom actually came up with the first two lines of the last stanza.
The Wind and Weather: First poem I ever wrote, written during a math class in my sophomore year (strange how I remember all that and more) while listening to music. By the way, if you can't tell, the blood mentioned isn't my own.
What I Can Handle: Written after listening to Rat in a Cage by Smashing Pumpkins.

Criticism is welcome, though any kind of praise is welcomed more.
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My Poems
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